July 10, 2020

Review: Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar – Best Classical Guitar

Looking for a great way to take your first step on the road which was treaded upon by the likes of Pepe Romero? Wanted to play Recuerdos de la Alhambra? Enjoy Spanish guitar tunes and flamenco? Well then what better way to spark that fire than with a Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar.


A little knowledge for those who think a Classical is just an acoustic guitar with nylon, well there is a big correction there, one being that Acoustic guitars have a thinner neck which is not suitable to accommodate nylon strings and that classical guitars are as different from acoustic guitars as slacks are from jeans, classical guitars have a wider neck and its fairly easy to produce them, not much thought ever went into their production through the years.

Yamaha, though famous for its acoustic guitars has never neglected the need for other guitarists as well, and thus the they came out with the classical gig maker, alike the electric Yamaha gig maker this Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package comes with all that is necessary for someone to pick up a guitar and play.

The woodworks and build is what you would expect from a great classical guitar, a large solid body made of spruce for the face and mahogany for the sides and back, great sounding and feeling, the nylon strings give it a very deep sounding tone trademark to all classical guitars.

The package comes with a bag, nothing special about it, just a regular old guitar bag, its not cheap looking or feeling I can tell you that, but it’s not those expensive types either, preferably I would keep guitars in a hard body case rather than a bag.

What I really liked about the package is that it comes with an instructional DVD and Book (if this don’t get you playing then nothing but pure effort will) and a digital tuner, well not that I would be needing these, but I figured that it would make a great starter kit and also as a gift, planning to give this to any avid beginner who is really into playing the guitar.

With the limited lifetime warranty I would say this Yamaha C40 is a definite buy if you are just starting to play the guitar, if you want something more conventional and “in” for this era than you can get the Acoustic gig maker set, either way considering the price it’s by far the best starter set around and you can even have it shipped to you as its sure to come in a secure gig maker box.

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