July 10, 2020

Takamine EG523SC Jumbo Cutaway – Best Mid Range Guitar

A large acoustic guitar, this Takamine EG523SC looks massive yet it doesn’t lose its beauty, I first say this guitar in a magazine and thought to myself “that’s a mighty fine guitar”. The pick guard really caught my eye, an almost floral blade design, really stylish, not something you can see on other guitars.


The sheer size of the sound box was a clear testimony to how it will ring, and I was right the minute I tried it out at the store the looks were enough to get me thinking about the sound, the feel of the natural finish and the color of the wood, it all fits so well, I almost thought that the Takamine EG523SC was made with a single type of tone wood.

I found out however by looking through the veins and tapping the body that the front part is made of solid Sitka spruce with flame maple back and sides, quite fancy for a guitar, but just right for its price, the neck is made of maple as well, and the fret board feels like rosewood.

Overall playability is great, just as expected from Takamine, the sound resonates amazingly well, tapping and sliding are not muffled at all, everything that needs to be heard will be heard, and amplified for that matter.

It comes with a good amount of electronics, pre amp controls line the black Takamine module, and I even noticed a little dark screen which is the tuner indicator, nothing less to expect of a guitar of this price range. The pickup which is built into the guitar is a TK-40 by Takamine, and I have been hearing a lot of hype about it, so I tried it on a pevey amp at the store, and the amplification was beyond me, the sound was pure and clean, it felt as if the guitar itself was amplifying its sound, it was as natural as an unplugged 100% acoustic guitar.

After trying it out I decided that forking out a small sum to get this Takamine EG523SC Jumbo Cutaway was well within my acceptance, and so I did. I recommend this guitar to beginners and professionals alike, it’s something that all guitarist should at least try out.

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