July 10, 2020
Squier by Fender

Squier by Fender

The Squier by Fender is definitely an awesome experience of ownership. To start off, by simply looking at the items that come along with the purchase, you would know you are getting your penny’s worth. The package itself is a good deal, and a great way to start compliments for this product.

Squier by Fender

The Squier comes with a 5-position pickup selector. This gives you the option of a wide variety of sounds, from jazz to rock- something every guitar enthusiast would expect from his guitar. The construction is simply awesome. With a solid body and an impressive design, the Squier doesn’t just sound good. It literally looks the beat!

Another commendable feature of the Squier is the fact that the strings are relatively stable, allowing for only a minimum degradation of tone. The amplifier that comes along with this set is also another applauded item, as it is known to sound really good for something that fits within a package deal. Value for your money seems to be the priority goal of this product.

Frankly speaking, it is truly enlightening to note that there really isn’t much of an issue with this piece. So far, it seems that the majority of buyers are pretty much satisfied with this package. Perhaps one of the few extremely minor issues faced by this product is the problem with its tuner instructions. It is recommended that better instructions be obtained online as the given instructions seem to be rather confusing.

Also, the DVD that comes along with the package does not seem to be very helpful to beginners. As such, you may perhaps need to find an alternative instruction source. Apart from this, I must say that The Squier by Fender is definitely an above average buy. I could almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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