July 10, 2020

Rogue RA-100D – Best Budget Acoustic Guitar

An average Joe of guitars? Well I guess that would definitely fit well with this guitar, I myself have never heard of the name Rogue, and by far its known for not much of a distance (just a term I use to state that something is not as well known). The first time I saw this Rogue RA-100D was when I was walking through the store, the owner said it’s been hanging there quite some time now, and the price is probably the reason why the sales are a little on the good side.

Rogue RA-100D - Best Budget Acoustic Guitar

So I laid this Joe on my lap, alright let’s not call it a Joe if it’s going to be on my lap, so anyway this Rogue RA-100D sat comfortably like any other guitar would, the weight is just right, not a cheap light feel and not a heavy overweight feel either. I saw the tuners were made of die cast, pretty good for the price I would say, but I shouldn’t be judging just yet. The face so said the store owner is made of spruce, didn’t mention the sides but I’m guessing it to be made of Japanese Nato similar to the neck.

The fret board was made of rosewood, but the fret bars didn’t match up, the gap between the strings and the board was not constant for some reason, I finalized this to a poor tuss rod. I played this thing and it reminded me a lot of an Ibanez I once played same color too, but the Ibanez was a little more costly. It did feel rather stiff, the strings that were fitted in my opinion were a little heavy for this guitar, I could get a good amount of performance from the neck so it should be ok.

The sound is rather chimes like, typical of the woods used, pretty good, it doesn’t lack in anything which would make a guitar playable, but it’s nothing special either.
I could say this Rogue RA-100D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar would work fine for a Christmas present, gift this as a gift of music, you can’t regret much with the price and it’s a good investment, but based on some Amazon reviews I’d say pick it up yourself instead of having it shipped in.

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