August 10, 2020

Martin D-28 Dreadnought – Best Guitar for Professionals

Martin D-28 is a guitar by Christian Frederic Martin, for those who don’t know who he is, a brief and correct introduction would be that he’s a German Luthier, and has been in making guitars since 1833, and his great-great-great grandson is the current CEO of C.F Martin.


The guitars since then haven’t experience much of a drastic change that would cause it to sound or look different for that matter, but in the times since the first martin was made, it is known that Martin was the first to make a flat faced steel string as seen in this D28 and many other guitars from other companies after it.

Back in the days when I had first laid my hands on a Martin guitar I was amazed and taken aback by the playability and sound it made, I couldn’t afford one then and I have been looking for cheaper and similar sounding guitars to compare to it, till this day I haven’t found one that sounds like a ‘Martin” would, so I decided that since I have been well off with myself I bought a new aged D-28 (it was 2006).

The first thing I noticed when I took a peek in the sound hole was that there was a tuss rod adjuster for the neck, they didn’t have that technology back in the days, but having a tuss rod is a relief, it lets me know that I can angle the neck to a back or front setting, just in case the guitar begins to warp under string tension (which will never happen).

The playability and sound is as expected from a solid Sitka spruce front with a rosewood side and back combo, a high sounding guitar, perfect for solo acoustic performances, this guitar was especially made for just the occasion.

The fret board was smooth to the touch, the tuning dials were soft and easy to adjust, an overall great guitar. I don’t recommend that just anyone buy this guitar, it’s not for beginners and it’s not for those who are just looking for an expensive high quality guitar to show off, the Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is strictly for those who appreciate a guitar for what it is, before buying a something like a Taylors or a Martin you should always ask yourself if you are ready to handle it.

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