July 10, 2020

Fender Standard Telecaster

The first electric guitar which swept guitarist of their feet and into suede shoes, the Fender Standard Telecaster wasn’t the first electric guitar to be made but it was the first to be widely excepted and drove buyers to label it as a must have during the early 50’s artists like the Beatles, Muddy waters and Jimmy Page have made this guitar an iconic figure in the world of rock, Eric Clapton still use the telecaster even to this date.


This Fender Standard Telecaster is not an expensive guitar to own, which leads to why it is so acceptable even till today, the new models now come with tuss rods and a multitude of customizable parts to blend with the ever versatile nature of music.

I have owned a telecaster back in the days and it was something that I can’t forget, the shape is definitely one of a kind, you can’t compare it to any new aged guitars especially with flying V’s and Axes, it looks too “simple” to put it in a lay mans term.

The original telecaster that I first laid eyes on had only 1 pickup but this one here has 2, and other models have been fitted with humbuckers and even custom tremolo setup, the body and neck are made to feel exactly like that of an acoustic guitar, but being more easier to reach all the frets thanks to the single cutaway and round fret board. Speaking of a round fret board I really liked how they did it, it was more accessible and comfortable feeling than a regular flat faced one.

Playing the Fender Telecaster would get you feeling like one of the pro’s, play it clean and undistorted or heavily cranked this guitar will sound as how you would want it too, it may need a little getting used to but operating the dials is basic electric guitar knowledge.

My one complaint would be that the guitar is too big, and that it’s a single cutaway which may leave me playing my Gibson Es, but I could have gotten the Squire (yes yes punish me for admitting it). Overall it’s a regular electric guitar with a lot of hype; it’s an iconic and legendary one but not something to be extremely amazed about.

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