July 10, 2020

Fender Standard Stratocaster

The Fender Standard Stratocaster, one of the most well known and widely owned electric guitar from fender since the Telecaster, this guitar is a symbol of the 60’s as a reply to Gibson’s Les Paul, ever since then guitars have been compared as either being similar to a Strat or a Les Paul, and each having their trademark sound.


Its build is fairly simple; a small bodied electric guitar with 3 pickup slots, for those who may find this insufficient you can cut the body and fit a “humbucker” at the last pickup slot (some models offer this option), but that would remove the trademark American Stratocaster sound.

The Fender Standard Stratocaster being smaller than the Telecaster is definitely easier to play, not that the latter was hard for that matter, the body was designed so well that a guitarist can literally rest his arm and chest on it, the double cutaway allows for a more comfortable thumb placement which allows you to go down the neck without having to raise the guitar up like how you would with a single cutaway model, but some guitarist just want do it for the fun of it.

It has 3 knobs on the body, 2 for tone and 1 for volume you can manipulate these to get a suitable sound for your playing style. The regular 5 level pickup selector is ever present, and had me trying out all sorts of settings, despite the fact that it was similar to any other strat. The tremolo arm is ever present, but the tremolo setup is not there (the springs and all) but that gives you the option of adding your own tremolo setup.

Playing it is just a breeze, the frets are well placed, my fingers are as if drawn to the right fret every time, whereas for other electric guitars I find myself searching for the frets. Soloing and shredding is what a strat is made for, a few strats in my time have felt great but this one was probably the best, so for all you classic rock players out there who want to go in it like Clapton did, then this you should at least own a Fender Stratocaster.

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