July 10, 2020

Fender Squier P Bass

I own a Fender Squier P Bass. It has 3 knobs, 2 of which is volume control, 20 frets, 3 clover shaped tuners which looks nice, a maple neck, a nicely cutaway alder body, a split single-coiled pickup and a rosewood fretboard. However, unlike other bass guitars, this one doesn’t come with any gig bag which is quite disappointing. It didn’t even come with a strap.

One of the best external features of the Fender Squier P Bass is the great looking white pick guard. It goes really well with its black body. Unfortunately, the pick ground gets scratched easily and collects dust very fast. The controls in the Fender Squier P Bass are simple to use and works really well. They are easy to turn and relatively simple.

This bass guitar, like many Fender brand bass guitars, is really a tough one. I have been using it for 2 years for gigs and recordings and so far nothing has been broken or dented. In fact, nothing on the bass shows any hint of breaking in the near future. I seriously think if I threw this guitar down from a 2 story building, it would only suffer minimal dents. The strap buttons are really solid as well.

I initially bought this bass guitar when I was transitioning from guitar to bass. I really like the Fender Squier P Bass as it is easy to use which greatly helped my transition. I highly recommend this bass guitar to those wish to transition to bass from guitar. The sound produced form this bass ranges from bright tunes to mellow ones. Its versatility makes it easy to play almost any genre.

I do have some complains about this bass guitar though. When I first bought it, I had to adjust the pickups a little. It wasn’t tight enough. I also find that the finish is a little soft. The biggest thing that bugs me is the noise. I find it to be quite loud compared to other basses. However, for its price, I suppose that one can’t complain that much.

In conclusion, I think the Fender Squier P Bass is suitable for those who are learning to play the bass. For more advanced players who have a bigger budget, you might want to look for another bass guitar.

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