July 10, 2020

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

When buying a strat you have to know your standards, usually people neglect the fact that they are buying a Mexican strat instead of a good old red white and blue, the price varies a lot if you were actually paying attention, and so does the quality.


A regular Mexican strat comes with regular pickups and off discount shelves parts, but the Fender American Standard Stratocaster features all the best that Fender can possibly offer, and of course that would lead to a better sounding guitar, so take a closer look as to what makes the American standard what it is.

First of all to all the fender newbie’s out there, the strat has been around after rock took a big step into the limelight; almost every famous guitarist has held and played a strat. So it’s no wonder why everyone wants one, but back in those days not everyone could afford a $1000 guitar, which is why there are so many types of strats to date.

The Fender American Standard Stratocaster offers an HSH pickup cavity, instead of a pool that would be used to store a humbucker, the pickups are Alnico V pickups which are wired and curled by professionals so that minimum noise is produced and the sound you hear will be the result of the guitars unique tone.

Comparing the Fender American Standard Stratocaster to the old strat you can see that the tuss rod has a more finer level of tuning, you can get the neck into your very own sweet spot to add to the comfort and playability of the guitar.

The sound quality of this electric guitar is really a testimony of the hard work fender put behind their guitars, you get that 100% pure strat sound, I myself use a pevey sometimes and the combination leaves others questioning.

Asides the sound and equipment there is no other difference between the regular and the Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, so some may think that if they buy a Korean or Mexican strat and swap the parts they might get a better quality guitar for less, and it’s sad to say that they are right. But show some support for the red white and blue, don’t push aside an American made guitar just because it costs a little more than a regular one.


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