July 10, 2020

Dean Playmate EVO Junior

If your kid is starting to show interest in music, and you’re thinking of getting him started off with the coolest electric guitar you can find, the Dean Playmate EVO Junior Solid Body Electric Guitar is definitely an option to be marked down. Ideal for kids and beginners, one of the most striking applauds for this piece is simply that it looks and sounds cool.

The quality of sound obtained from this Dean Playmate EVO Junior electric guitar is certainly an encouragement, especially for kids who are starting to hate practicing. Top that up with its cool style and your kid would have something to boast about in school.

The EVO Junior has also been commended for its travel friendly features. Its light body and small size makes it an ideal travel companion, be it out of town or simply next door. The sealed tuners are yet another feature of this guitar, enabling a stable tuning that reduces the need for frequent adjustments. As such, it is no doubt that this piece would certainly win favor from its buyers.

Among other esteemed features of this electric guitar include its tough body and attractive shade. Its construction is also a subject of applause, as it is quite a solid piece.

However, it must be stated that the Dean Playmate EVO Junior is no perfect electric guitar. A minus point of this piece is the fact that it requires tedious initial adjustments, which include adjustments of the bridge, string height and intonations. If you’re a beginner, doing all this by yourself could be a bit of a sweat. You may want to get clear directions which are available online.

Alternatively, you could simply get help from experts. All these hard work at the start up isn’t very much encouraging, especially if your kid already has an issue with enthusiasm. There have also been complains of loose plugs and scratches due to improper packaging protocols. Thus, you may want to double check your Dean Playmate EVO Junior when it arrives!

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